People from all over the world, in all walks of life, are coping better with their lives through the simple method of Acem Meditation. What do they say?

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  •  It feels good and gives me energy. I relate better to others and work more efficiently. I do it every day. (Havard Bell, Oslo)
  •  It cured my insomnia from day 1. When I meditate, my body relaxes, and my mind calms down. (Megan Lin,Taipei)
  •  It makes me more confident and friendly. I handle tensions better and have become more outgoing. (Tarun Panwar, New Delhi)

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A course in Acem Meditation

• Is inexpensive: $95, $45 for full time students.

• Does not require the adoption of any system of belief

• Is based on modern psychology and teaching methods

• Is interactive, with plenty of time for discussion

• Is not connected to a guru