An evening with Are Holen

Course type: Group Meditation

Special Meditation Event in NYC:  Meet the Founder of Acem Meditation – Dr. Are Holen, MD PhD.

Join us for an Evening of Group Meditation and a lecture by Acem
Meditation founder Dr. Are Holen, phd. This special evening is open to all
Acem Meditation practitioners.

An evening with Are Holen


Monday 20 March 2017
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Dr. Holen was born in 1945 in Norway and founded Acem meditation in 1966 while he was still a college student.  Are developed an interest in yoga and meditation early in life and started practicing yoga and breathing techniques in 1961 at the ripe age of 15.  He started practicing meditation in 1963 and since became a meditation guide for countless others.  After graduating college,  Dr. Holen went on to become a prominent medical doctor and professor of psychology, specializing in traumatic stress psychiatry, as well as a highly respected lecturer and meditation guide. Dr. Holen is responsible for teaching meditation to tens of thousands of students across dozens of countries and cultures - either personally or via the instructors he himself has trained.


The course is arranged by Acem US Group Meditations


The arrangement starts with 30 minutes meditation, and continues directly afterwards with the talk by Are Holen.


Are Holen

Founder of Acem. Psychiatrist.