Online: Long meditation and discussion

Course type: Long Meditations

We meditate for 1 hour 30 minutes, followed by 45 minutes group discussion.

This is a good opportunity to enhance your meditation practice, whether you meditate regularly or not.

Please note: The times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)


Saturday 19 June 2021
12:00 pm - 2:15 pm
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This is a good opportunity to relax, enhance your meditation skills and meet other meditators. The meditation is always followed by a discussion of the experience with someone qualified to give guidance. This stimulates reflection on the meditation practice and the application of its principles, which helps you to access more of your potential for personal growth. The beneficial effects of meditation on the personality, body and health increase during longer meditations, providing these are practiced without strained effort or concentration.


The course is arranged by Acem US School of Meditation


This event is for people in US & Canada who have already learned Acem Meditation

Please Note: Times are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Those who register will receive a link to the meeting a day before the event.


Trygve Fridstrøm

IT-consultant. Instructor in Acem Meditation. Yoga-instructor.

Ruth Hørgård Fagerhaug

is educated as a physiotherapist, specialist in preventive health work. Ruth has for many years taught yoga and various relaxation techniques in Acem. She is an instructor in Acem.