Beginner's Courses in Acem Meditation

Introductory seminar

An introductory seminar provides information about the basic principles and the most common effects of Acem Meditation.

Beginner's Courses

Acem Meditation is easy to learn. Personal instruction and guidance ensure that you get a good start. Group discussions help you to deal with beginner’s problems and to establish a meditation habit.

Follow-up Courses

First follow-up course M1

From the free mental attitude to the meditation process

The M1-course consists of five sessions, see description below.

Inner Strength - Follow-up Course on The Free Mental Attitude

The course is based on the book/CD Inner Strength by Are Holen and consists of 5 meetings.

Second follow-up course M2

This course consists of five sessions, normally on weekdays either every week or every second week. Sometimes the course is over one or two weekends.

Guidance Group

En veiledningsgruppe er en serie møter ledet av en kurslærer. Gruppen begynner med meditasjon, ofte en times varighet eller lenger, etterfulgt av samtaler som fokuserer på hver enkelt mediterendes erfaringer og utfordringer.

Refresher Meeting

Do you want to get back on track? Did you never really get started, have you just had a break from meditation or don't you get to meditate as much as you wanted?

Enhanced meditation sound

Enhanced meditation sounds may improve the effect of meditation.

Retreats in Acem Meditation

Weekend Retreat in USA

A weekend retreat provides an opportunity for training long meditations at the three-hour level (on your own room), guidance groups led by experienced instructors, talks and discussions on the psychology of meditation.

Drop-in Retreat

On a drop-in retreat, you decide when you arrive and how long you want to stay.

Week-long Retreat

This retreat is an opportunity for self-exploration and social interaction in an international environment. The scenic surroundings provide a perfect setting for meditation, yoga and stimulating talks and discussions.

Deepening Retreat

A deepening retreat offers the possibility to experience the full effect of Acem Meditation, leading to essential changes in your meditative process and in everyday life.

Three-Week Deepening Retreats

This advanced deepening retreat is for Acem meditators who want to practise round-the-clock meditations and who already have ample experience from regular deepening retreats.

16-Day Advanced Deepening Retreat

This kind of advanced deepening retreat over 16 very intensive days is for Acem meditators who want to practise round-the-clock meditations and who already have participated in at least two three-week advanced deepening retreats.


Yoga and Meditation

 Yoga og meditasjon er et godt grunnlag for kroppslig og mental avspenning. Disse arrangementene gir deg muligheten til å arbeide med begge i kombinasjon.  Forutsetning for deltakelse er at du har gjennomført grunnkurs i Acem-meditasjon.

Yoga Flow

For persons with a knowledge of classic yoga poses and the basic principles of meditative yoga. Our experienced instructors guide you to deepening, strength and silence.

One WeekYoga Retreat

A yoga retreat is a week with yoga making your body softer, stronger and more flexible. Your breathing will run more freely, calmer and deeper. You become more aware of your inner self and nature.

Everyone can participate - beginners and experienced practitioners. Those who do not practice Acem Meditation, will learn a breathing meditation technique. 

A retreat will inspire you to be more regular in your daily practice at home, becoming more powerful and deepened in your exercises. 

The daily programme is altenating between yoga, optional bathing/swimming, bicycling or paddeling, and strolls in the beatiful surrounding landscape, as well as enjoying meals with delicious lacto-vegetarian meals. 

Cultural Events

Acem Talk

Meditation Meetings

Guidance seminar

A guidance seminar is a good opportunity for exploring and expanding your understanding of meditation and your meditating skills. The seminar usually starts with group meditation, followed by a plenary Q&A session related to participants' meditation experience.

Long Meditations

We meditate 90 minutes together, followed by a group discussion.

Group Meditation

Drop-in, no registration is required. We meditate one hour together, and afterwards we discuss and talk on a meditation related topic.

Group Psychology

Training in Interpersonal Communication

Explore your personality and the way you interact with others in an open and reflective atmosphere. The benefits of this personal growth experience will be felt in your professional and private life. 

Other activities