First follow-up course M1

First follow-up course M1

From the free mental attitude to the meditation process

The M1-course consists of five sessions, see description below.

If you have learned Acem Meditation, participating in the First Follow-up course/session will increase your understanding of the meditation process and enhance the effects of meditation.

We start each session with 30-45 min meditation and each session has a specific topic:

  • Acem Meditation in your everyday life (Session 1)
    The group meditation is followed by discussion on your meditation habits and how you meditate. Where do you meditate and what is a good sitting position? The most important parts of the basic instruction of Acem Meditation, and eventual deviations in your meditation.
  • The Meditation Sound (Session 2)
    The group meditation is followed by discussion on different aspects of the Meditation sound. How do you perceive the meditation sound during meditation? What’s the correct frequency of the sound? What is meant by “the meditation sound should be non-assosiative”?, etc
  • Long meditation, 1,5 hours (Session 3)
    The meditation is followed by guidance in order to clarify and help to get grips to the various issues raised in the meditation.
  • Free Mental Attitude (Session 4)
    The group meditation is followed by discussion on how to attain free mental attitude under the changing inner conditions in your meditation. How can we deal with meta-thoughts in our meditation?, etc.
  • Mastering the meditation process (Session 5)
    The group meditation is followed by discussion on paradoxical effects of the meditation practice? How will metathoughts affect the meditation habits? What is important in order to maintain our motivation to meditate?, etc.

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