Instructors and moderators

Acem is run by a group of dedicated volunteer instructors and moderators. No one earns money in developing and teaching meditation or other group activities in Acem. At the same time, Acem's work depends on high qualifications. Many of the instructors and leaders in Acem have a competence in meditation on a level with their professional careers.

Anne Grete Hersoug

Acem Meditation Instructor. Clinical Psychologist at the University of Oslo. Also has a private psychotherapy practice.

Anne Thomte

Teaching theatre and dancing in high school. Course teacher in Acem

Are Holen

Founder of Acem. Psychiatrist.

Arve Breen

Civil engineer, building and construction.

Instructor in Acem

Carina Heimdal

Instructor in Acem since 2008. Responsible for PR in Acem Student Group. Works with analysis of carbon allowances.

Christopher Grøndahl

Acem Meditation Initiator. Novelist and Screenwriter.

Dag Hol

Dag Hol is a well known artist in Norway.

Acem Instructor.

Eirik Jensen

An instructor in Acem Meditation and has practiced it for 45 years. He is a Supreme Court barrister and an expert on tax law.

Folke Gravklev

Editor. Instructor in Acem

Geir Warnes

Acem Meditation Instructor. Master of Science and Master of Business Administration. Project Director in a telecommunication company.

Halvor Eifring

General Secretary of Acem International. Professor of Chinese, University of Oslo.