Non-religious meditation in NYC

Non-religious meditation in NYC

Acem Meditation is a simple mindful technique for relaxation, health and personal growth - based on modern psychology and scientific research.

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Garrison Institute

Weekend Meditation retreat outside New York April 27 - 29

This is an opportunity to meet fellow meditators in quiet surroundings for longer
meditations combined with guidance from experienced instructors.
  You stay in single room, get vegetarian meals and spend a full weekend at the very special Garrison Institute.  At the retreat you will be training in long meditation at the three hour level - leading to deeper relaxation and stimulating personality development.
   The retreat will be lead by meditation teacher Rolf Brandrud and senior instructor Pär Westlund.  More info and registration

Garrison Institute on the map

Beginner class at the Garrison weekend retreat

New this year is the possibility of learning Acem Meditation at the weekend retreat.
   You will get instruction and guidance in a beginner class, practice meditation in 30-60 minutes sessions and also exchange experiences with experienced meditators at evening seminars, walk&talk in nature etc.
   This is also a good opportunity to learn Acem Meditation for people living at some distance from New York.  At present Acem do not have capacity to give courses in other cities.  But with full lodging at Garrison this will be a good way of learning the method.
   The course will be lead by the senior instructors Rolf Brandrud and Pär Westlund.  More info and registration.


Acem Meditation is easy to learn. Personal instruction and guidance ensure that you get a good start. Group discussions help you to deal with beginners’ problems and to establish a meditation habit. More ...

Follow-up activities

To meet and discuss with fellow meditators improves your understanding of the technique and enhances your personal process. It may also help you to get back on track if you have got out of the habit. More ...

Acem Meditation

You don't try to relax. You just sit comfortably in a chair with eyes closed, practising a simple mental technique, allowing a deep relaxation to take hold of body and mind. More ...


People from all over the world, in all walks of life, are coping better with their lives through the simple method of Acem Meditation. What do they say? Read more ... 

Acem Training in Interpersonal Communication

Self-insight. Leadership qualities. Empathy and sensitivity. Interpersonal social skills. Ability to handle conflicts. Understanding of group dynamics. More...

For Institutions, Companies and Organizations

Corporate Stress Management Classes

Special Programs tailored to your organization. More...

Scientific research

The anti-stress effects of Acem Meditation are confirmed by scientific research. Blood pressure and heart rate are reduced, the immune system is strengthened, performance under pressure is enhanced, and brain waves show deep relaxation.

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Meditation Insight

Articles, reflections, news and interviews.